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Disaster Recovery

We have a state of the art disaster prevention and recovery program to keep you and your information safe in the event of an unexpected disaster.

Personal Protection

24/7 Cloud Care Personal Protection to protect you and your computer from viruses, malware, intrusion, hacks and other threats. We monitor and alert you right away if there is a threat.

Wireless Boost

Have trouble with slow or spotty WiFi connection? We have discovered how to get great WiFi signal across your entire home or office guaranteed.

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PC Performance & Training

We will teach you anything you want to know, and we can also make your PC run like new.

iPhone & Android

We can help you with your iPhone or Android smart phone, from setting it up to helping you learn how to use it.

Facebook & Social Media

We are personal trainers with Facebook and other social media platforms.

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Things YOU can do to make your PC run faster and last longer

Hello! I’ve got good news! Recently we surveyed some technicians and several technically astute customers asking them “How do you keep your equipment running better, longer?” We thought you might enjoy the results. The number one response was to buy quality. Keep everything in very good condition, clean and test, test, test. Upgrade software and hardware […]

ALERT! GLOBAL RANSOMWARE ATTACK! Are you protected from it and how to find out.

Good Morning! A global ransomware attacked called WanaCryptor 2.0 launch in Europe on Friday, May 12. You may have heard about this on the news, but how does it affect you and what should you do about it? Below I will explain how it could affect you and I’ll also cover how to make sure […]

Your Antivirus May Not Be Working.

  You need to know… If what you are using is older than 4-5 years, then evaluate your personal protection software (Virus, malware, PuPs, etc.) daily. Make sure they’re still working. Utilizing a 4 years or older (Norton, McAfee, etc.) and/or free protection software are the most common reasons we see a computer become infected […]

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